Thing from the Future

Thing from the Future


How might we create an engaging strategic foresight workshop for people who have never experienced it before?

Towards the end of 2018, as we started We Create Futures in earnest, we were asked to contribute to the inaugural Experience Week 18.

We wanted to create a workshop experience that combined tools from design thinking and strategic foresight, as well as giving people an introduction to the discipline.

We used Sit Lab’s “Things from the Future” card deck to engage participants in creating experiential futures - scenarios, things and experiences in the present that place people in the future in order to enact change.

The workshop proved hugely popular, and we delivered a second instance due to the demand (and had enough interest to facilitate a third.)

If you are interested in an introduction to strategic foresight and futures thinking, we can deliver this workshop in your community or organisation.

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CLIENT: Wellington Experience Week

YEAR: 2018