Te Rau Matomato

Te Rau Matomato


How can we build innovation capability in our people, and increase resilience in our communities?

We created a programme of creative workshops focused on building skills in the five different phases of the traditional five-step design thinking process. This transitioned into an immersive, experiential learning phase, coaching the cohort to design and facilitate co-design workshops with whānau to create social impact in their own communities that they themselves owned.

Although initially focused on increasing the confidence and capability in design thinking for staff, we directed the programme down a more participatory path. One of the most important parts of the project was the indigenisation of the design thinking process and tools to work within Tikanga Māori.

This work informed our thinking around radical-inclusion in the design process, which is an ongoing theme within our work.

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CLIENT: Tui Ora // TSB Community Trust

YEAR: 2017-Ongoing