Prateeksha Singh, Collaborator - Inclusive + Equitable Futures

Professionally, Prateeksha is a designer who works at the intersection of many fields: Design + Research + Foresight + Fiction + Systems change. She has a varied background that spans across: Corporate (she was an auditor in her former career), Non-Profit, Start-Up, Social Enterprise, and Academia. As a designer, she seeks inspiration from these (and other) vastly different fields, creatively combining theory/frameworks with design thinking and arts.

She designs with the goal of making people be heard, seen and feel be more connected through the lens of food, health(care), climate reality and gender issues. Her work output ranges from facilitated discussions, participatory workshops, theatrical installations, photography, to written papers, and can be found in/at, Nuit Blanche, IIDEX, The Globe & Mail, The Star, The Economist, Current Oncology, and conferences in the U.S./Canada/Europe.

Prateeksha has lived in eight countries, spanning four continents, speaks multiple languages and is a black &white film photographer; her experiences have made her culturally perceptive, resilient, adaptable and taught her to embrace ‘change’ as a constant and see ‘difference’ as a positive force. She freelances under her own creative consultancy called 'mpathy'.