Meena Kadri, Associate - Innovation + Inclusion

Meena explores the intersection of collaboration, innovation and social change through her consultancy, Random Specific.

She spent my seven years working with internationally acclaimed innovation powerhouse and pioneer of design thinking: IDEO, where she served a series of global, digital start-ups.

With an undergraduate degree in Anthropology and a Masters in Design she seek to cross-pollinate dialogue – fed by a constant curiosity which spans disciplines.

Her decade as a graphic designer/creative director overlaps with another as an academic in design – in diverse global locations such as New Zealand, India and China. Over the years her professional pursuits have taken her from slums to museums, classrooms to boardrooms.

These days she is most often drawn to projects activating creative leadership, human centred design research, online community engagement, digital content curation + storytelling.

Meena continues to lecture and consult globally when possible. Wherever she finds herself, she endeavours to navigate complexity and champion diversity.