Dr. Hamish Gow, Collaborator - Business Model + Value Chain Innovation

Hamish is Professor of Agribusiness at Massey Business School. He has spent the past 30 years working globally in industry, government, and academia riding the waves of market liberalization around the world as he passionately applied design-led innovation to assist farmers and regional SMEs build innovative customer-focused business models and value chains that can successful launch agricultural, food, and technology products and services into local, regional and international markets.

He founded the International Business Immersion Program at University of Illinois, Food Safety Knowledge Network at Michigan State University, and Global Markets Program at Global Food Safety Initiative. He recently returned to Massey from secondments at the Meat and Livestock Australia Donor Company as their business design in residence where he led the Australia Young Food Innovators program and supported the Producer Innovation Fast Track program and the World Bank where he led the establishment of the Global Food Safety Partnership.

Hamish holds a BCom (Ag) from Lincoln University, New Zealand, and a MS in Agricultural Finance and Ph.D. in Marketing and Food Distribution from Cornell University, USA.

Previously, he was on the faculty and staff positions at the University of Illinois, Michigan State University and Cornell University in the USA, KU Leuven in Belgium, Slovakian Agricultural University in Nitra, Slovakia, and Managing Director of Partnerships for Food Industry Development – Fruits and Vegetables at USAID. He is currently teaches Contemporary Strategy and Design Thinking courses on the Massey EMBA program and supporting the Supply Chain Integrity Program for the Ministry of Primary Industries