Chris Clay
Associate, Complexity + Anticipation


Whilst originally hailing from the UK, Chris is now a fully fledged kiwi and has now called Aotearoa for almost 14 years.

In 2011, Chris was named international innovative educator of the year by Microsoft ahead of over 200,000 other nominees. This was in relation to his focus on helping young people grasp the way scientific disciplines create and evaluate knowledge whilst also supporting kids in Christchurch who had lost their schools due to the Earthquakes of 2011.

In 2013 Chris left the classroom once again and entered the world of start-ups as the founding Education Director of The Mind Lab by Unitec. Within a year this venture had matured into a provider of postgraduate course for teachers and within two years it had a presence in 5 locations and hosted the largest postgraduate course in NZ.

Chris’ desire to push the boundaries of possibility in education and beyond led him to begin exploring the future through his company Education Unleashed. This has since involved developing expertise in a wide range of areas including complexity theory, experiential futures and the discipline of anticipation.