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About Us


We are a design-led strategic foresight and innovation practice, based in Wellington, New Zealand and connected globally.


We work at the intersection of futures and foresight, insight, strategy and design, to create confidence in uncertainty and help you navigate complexity.


Chris Jackson founded We Create Futures in 2018 as an alternative to the traditional design agency business model and innovation approach. We are based in Wellington, New Zealand, a beautiful, remote place where people think differently.

We help clients make better strategic decisions and be more creative and courageous in how they approach business. Our extensive network enables us to work across industries, but we specialise in the sports, leisure, and tourism sector and decoding youth culture.

We are seasoned professionals who thrive in complexity and ambiguity. We are constantly evolving new ways to work and collaborate with our team and clients, locally and internationally.

We combine tools and methods from disciplines, including strategic foresight, anthrocomplexity and human-centred design to address complex problems.

We’ll unlock new perspectives on familiar landscapes and equip you with the tools and capabilities to navigate uncertain and increasingly volatile futures.

We can help you:

  • Explore different futures for your industry

  • Better understand your competitive landscape and the culture, needs and pains of your customers and staff

  • Escape a strategic-rut and decide what to do next

  • Develop more responsible products, services, and experiences while building thriving teams

Our work is rigorous, inclusive, practical, and actionable, and you can trust us to deliver




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